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Do you have enough to give?

I come across this question a lot. The idea that a sub/slave does not have enough to give. Now, I truly believe that it is a fallacy that a sub in what ever way does not have enough to give. So, let's break it down.

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Money: This is one of the biggest hurdles that many subs must overcome. Yes, Dominatrices are expensive and quite rightly so. However, it is understandable that some may not be able to afford Us. There can be a few ways around this however and I don't mean by being cheap or trying to get out of paying.

For instance:

- Offering Her your services. Note that this is not in exchange for sessions or tasks and a lot of Dommes including Myself do not require subs in this capacity.

- Sending her little gifts and/or tributes as and when you can. A (good) Domme will always recognise your sacrifice and appreciate it.

- Some Dommes, including myself offer shorter sessions such as 30 minutes. Some also offer tasks, phone and Skype sessions, if you cannot afford real time.

There are many ways to explore your kinks/fetishes and to serve your Dominant and be useful to Her.

An important reminder however: it is very rude to assume that a Dominatrix is obliged to give Her services to you for free. Remember, yes, She may do it because She enjoys it, however, it is still Her job. Respect this, do not demand, it is by no means sexy.

The idea that you do not have enough to give...

As I mentioned previously, I believe this to be a fallacy. If you are in a D/s relationship, it is not a matter of how much you give, but more the quality of the what you give. Whether that is serving Her to your utmost, sending Her tokens of your appreciation or simply treating Her like a Goddess as She deserves whenever you can.

A lot of Dommes, including Myself, appreciate the sacrifice that is involved when you hand over your tribute, no matter how small it is. The point is that it is a sacrifice, from you to your Dominant. A token and sign of your appreciation.

~ Empress Akari

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