Frequently asked questions

Do you accommodate beginners?

Absolutely. We all have to start somewhere. I am happy to talk through things with you as long as you have done your research, send me an email and we can discuss this. If you are struggling to know where to begin on your journey, take a good read at My website, especially the ' Etiquette' as well as ' Types of Play' sections. If you are looking for a deeper read, click on this link to read My advise blog for subs and Dommes: This will help you get an idea of what your kinks are and aid in your road of discovery.

What activities do you not engage in?

- Strap on - Watersports - Any sexual services - Intimate body worship - Ass worship - Prostate massage - Nude sessions - Hard sports - Hand relief - Smoking fetish

Do you enjoy sessions/being a Dominatrix?

This always seemed like a bizarre question to Me, why would I do something if I don't enjoy it?

You look very young, do you have much experience?

Yes. I am a professional Dominatrix of 7 years and a number of years outside of this. ​​

Do you need or want personal slaves?

Doors open to those who put hard work and effort in. I do not need a house slave/maid, neither do I 'need' a slave, but other tasks such as social media, shopping, blacksmith and any position that may be of use to Me can be discussed. Email Me to request.

What do you look for in a slave?

My 6 most important things are as follows (in no particular order), if you are able to repeat these to Me when we meet, I will be very impressed! 1. Loyalty 2. Honesty 3. Obedience 4. Respect 5. Reliability 6. Communication

What makes a good slave/submissive? (s/s)

​As mentioned in the previous question, there are 6 things that to Me, makes a good s/s. Honesty Loyalty Obedience Reliability Respect Communication On the surface, it may seem very easy to adhere to these rules. However, though you may be a s/s, you are still human and humans are undeniably flawed. That’s where the honesty comes in to play. Be honest with Me but also be honest with yourself, your limits, your failings, what you would like to achieve and all of the things in between. If you wish to be My s/s, then you must be honest with Me at all times, for that is the basis from which every relationship is built.

What do I expect from you before the session?

I find it very frustrating when a s/s emails Me for a session not having thought about what they want. Get organised, show Me that you have thought about it and you truly wish to serve Me. If you don’t put in the effort, why on earth should I? I also expect you to be showered, clean, not overly laden with aftershave and shaved in the nether region!

What do I expect from you in session?

I expect you to adhere to My code of conduct (the 6 most important things). No Mistress likes a s/s who tops from the bottom. Don't do it. I expect you to show some emotion, I don’t care whether that’s moaning/groaning, pain, pleasure, a smile, crying etc. Just show some form of emotion, otherwise you are like a puppet, which is by no means amusing.

What do I expect from you after the session?

I always like feedback. Being grateful is all well and good, but feedback is constructive. I like to know what’s going on in that head of yours! If you would like to show me some appreciation, send me a testimonial and a message to say thank you.

What is your favourite fetish?

I feel as though this question is like being asked the age old question of, how long is a piece of string? The biggest thing for Me is connection and human interaction, if we're both having fun that in turn increases the pleasure of the session and therefore the activities in it as well.

Do you ever do tours or work in London?

I go to London very infrequently. If you would like Me to travel to you, all expenses must be paid and a deposit sent to secure the booking. All enquiries of this nature must be sent via email.

What is your favourite gift to receive from a sub/slave?

I always like to find questions like this in My inbox. I find it a good way to show that you want to make an effort for Me and wish to please Me. It is a good sign that you put your Dominant first and wish to make them happy. If you would like to please Me, you may go to my Amazon wishlist Please email to state that you have sent Me a gift, though do not email what that gift is. I do love surprises.

Do I offer Adult baby?

Yes, I do.

Does my age matter?

Of course, you must be over 18. I have however had subs from 18 years of age to subs in their late 80s. I will not turn My back on someone for something that none of us can control. What matters the most is the attitude that you bring along with you!