The Do's and Don'ts


If you are rude, suffice to say you will be ignored. There is a difference between rudeness and ignorance. If your rudeness is solely sheer ignorance, I will explain once to you why that is the case and expect you not to make that same mistake again. I do not suffer fools gladly.

Email etiquette

For those of you who do not know how to approach Me, here are some hints and tips. 1. Address Me by My title. Start the email with: Dear Empress Akari or Hello Empress etc. 2. State who you are. 3. State what you would like, for example, 'I would like to book a session with you, my kinks are X' and how long you would like the session for. 4. Politely end the email with your name. What I do not appreciate are: - Bad grammar and spelling. - No effort made in your initial or any subsequent emails. - Extremely long emails which describe every inch of your fantasy. To clarify, if you are unsure of what to put into your first email, refer to My contact page and contact via that. Discussions about your fantasy are thoroughly discussed before any session start. Any emails referring to your feedback may in fact be as long as you need to put across your thoughts and feelings from the session. - Putting kisses on the emails or referring to Me as 'babe'.

How to approach Me

If you are looking to contact Me via email, DM or text, keep in mind the 'email etiquette'. If however you are wondering how to approach Me when we meet or via phone, here is some information to help you prepare. Do's - Introduce yourself. - Be polite. - Explain your kinks. - Explain what you do not enjoy. - Tell Me about a fantasy that you have that has brought you to Me. - Answer my questions thoroughly. Don't - Refer to Me in any other way other than 'Empress', or 'Empress Akari'. - Top from the bottom.

First time nerves and not showing up

Are you one of those people who have already been through the motions of booking a session, then getting so anxious and nervous that you end up not turning up? It is a real irk for Domme's to have their time wasted, deposit paid or not. For Myself, above all else, it is disrespectful. Disrespectful of the time, effort and energy that I have put in. There are however ways to avoid this! Communication is key. Something to duly note, is that I appreciate honesty, reliability, respect and communication above all else. If you are feeling too nervous to come, email Me. I will take the time to help you.

Have you blown your chance with Me?

As previously mentioned, communication is key. If you feel as though you may have 'blown your chance with Me', communicate to Me about it. I will be more understanding if you have the guts to engage in this kind of dialogue with Me.

COVID-19 and how this affects you

Due to the current situation, it is if course expected that some changes have to be made. Taking this into consideration, I have created a list of expectations as well as making etiquette clear for anyone that I will session with. 1. Before having a session with Me for the first time, My 'personal specifications form' must be filled out. Do this only after having initiated contact with Me and I have given the go ahead. 2. I only accept sessions after a deposit has been sent- this hasn't changed from the normal protocol. 3. I am available most days of the week with notice- this also hasn't changed from usual. 4. After I have assessed your form to see whether you are compatible to session with Me and a deposit has been sent, I will allow a phone call to discuss the particulars of your session. This will cover what would normally be covered in the pre-session chat. We of course can have a small chat on the day, however the phone call should cover most aspects of our session. 5. If I do not deem us to be compatible (due to differences in kinks), I will refer you onto someone who I believe is. 6. I am now open to start seeing those over 70 years of age, however you must be fit and healthy. I want to minimise any risk of making you or your family ill. 7. Take heed that My sessions are very exclusive and I expect proper cleanliness and respect before, during and after entering into communication with Me. Just because I have seen you once before does not mean that I have to see you again. As long as you uphold the core values of respect, you have nothing to worry about. Even better if you do some research and read My website. That will certainly give you points! 8. Before, during and after session, I will of course go to extra measures to clean with the appropriate products such as alcohol (70%), which kills most viruses inc. influenza type viruses such as COVID-19. I will wear gloves when touching your face, hands or anywhere that you may touch subsequently afterwards. For your information, I have worked in the scientific research industry and therefore have relevant knowledge on the topic. Thank you for taking the time to read the above. I appreciate that it has been a wholly frustrating time for us all. I want to make this as enjoyable as possible for us both. Even with these protocols in place, it will not take away from our time together and if anything, should enhance our experience knowing that we're both proactive in keeping each other happy, safe and clean! ~ Empress