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As an experienced Dominant of many years, I will take you in and show you a different world. This is My world and I will make every fibre of your being burn with desire.

I am elegant, sophisticated, loved and feared but above all, Dominant. 

I command respect from those around Me with ease, after all, it is My natural disposition. A true Dominant does not need to shout or speak obscenities to unlock the submissive inside of you. A tug of your hair, pulling your ear close to My lips and a whisper is enough to send a shiver down your spine and fall weak to your knees. 

The world of BDSM is vast and wide, with many avenues to explore. Finding what suits and exploring it safely in My capable hands is an experience like no other. Whether you wish to understand masochism further or explore the various kinks and fetishes, My knowledge and experience is extensive. 

Learning about who you are, the depths of BDSM and what it means to you are questions that many submissives wish to explore, knowing more about oneself will allow you to experience the joys of submission more freely. If you are experiencing BDSM for the first time, I will calm your nerves and guide the way with a firm, yet gentle hand and understanding. If you have experience, I will take you further beyond what you had previously imagined.

The exchange of power between two people can be the ultimate high, the pinnacle of mental and physical exertion and that moment of catharsis that you so long for. The key is given to those who truly wish to open that door. Tread with confidence yet trepidation and that door may open more to you than that in your wildest dreams.

I have developed My vocation over a number of years, honing My skills and learning about Myself in the process. I have had a number of people serve Me over the years and through that experience, I know exactly what I want and who I do not want. For that reason, I am exclusive allowing only selected submissives the privilege of serving Me. This requires hard work, effort and an open mind. I offer My submissives the opportunity to flourish under My guidance.


Taking the first step is always the hardest and that is why there are guides on My website. Although I do not take everyone on board, I do give those who act in accordance with My guidelines the opportunity to show Me their worth. Contact Me via email or contact page if you feel as though you have these qualities. Most of all, be yourself, bring your authenticity and honesty. I see straight through those who do not.  

~ Empress Akari

I am available to session from Gloucester, Bristol, Wales, Oxford, Birmingham, Swindon and other areas of South West/Midlands. Email to enquire.

Get to know Me HERE on My Only Fans page. New fans page will be launched February 2024.

Discover more about the world of BDSM through My advice blog:


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