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Amazon Wishlist

Find My Amazon Wishlist HERE. Amazon is one of many ways to please Me. Here, I have hand selected some of My favourite items for you to purchase. Once purchased, send Me an email stating that you have bought an item for Me. A lovely email will be returned to you. This is by no means obligatory, but is certainly a way to get noticed and to make Me smile. Please note, that due to recent issues with sizings, I require a receipt with the item that is purchased.


To send Me a tribute, you may use this email address:

Cash App

Download and link to Cash App to send Me money annonymously. This is one of the few apps available that allows you to do so.


If you wish to send Me a gift but are unsure of what to get, you may refer to My Amazon wishlist, or alternatively choose from the things that I love below: Sweet things: - Demarquette chocolates - Do not buy Me chocolate unless from that above. Alcoholic beverages: - Cristal Champagne - Bas Armagnac (spirit) - Glenfiddich 12 year Other: - Manuka honey 300+ or more MGO I do not want: - Any other alcoholic beverage other than that listed. - Do not assume what I do and don't like, that is stepping into very dangerous territory! Please note, that due to recent issues with sizings, I require a receipt with the item that is purchased.

Gift Address

E Akari 7 Victoria Rd, St Philips, Bristol BS2 0UJ

Ways to aid My life

There are a number of ways to gain My attention as well as being a positive force in My life. This can be via sessions, supporting Me on Twitter or by ther means. Below are suggested ways in which you can aid Me in My life and be that person to put a smile on My face, make Me feel relaxed or just being that sub who ultimately makes Me feel good. For those who truly wish to become Mine, this a positive way to show Me that you are worth My time and energy. These efforts will show Me that you are worthy of the possibility to become a member of Team Akari and My personal submissive. Send with a little note attached and an email stating what your intentions are. You will receive a delighted response in return. - Monthly rent: £900 - Monthly bills: £300 - Weekly groceries - Supporting Me on Twitter by commenting, tweeting and retweeting - You may have some skills which I find useful such as carpentry, blacksmith, researcher etc. - Offering every now and again to complete any tasks that I may have, whether that is something that I want to purchase online, doing research into a particular field of knowledge etc. - Amazon gift cards Note, that I do not need the following: - I do not have a domestic servant at this current point in time and only a submissive who I deem truly worthy shall I consider. Only consistent dedication over a sustained period of time will show Me whether you are worthy of serving Me in this manner. - Chauffeur For more information on how to become Mine: BLOG