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Tickle Torture Fun

I have done sessions with many mistresses over the years but felt compelled to take time to write a review of my amazing experience with Empress Akari. 

Image by Erinmilleravonlady

The first thing that stood out was her attention to detail.  Taking time to understand exactly what made me tick and what I wanted to get out of the session.  This is rarely done as well as this and it showed. 

It felt as though we have been sessioning together for years, despite it being our first meeting.

Empress Akari knew exactly which buttons to press both physically as well as mentally.  So much of BDSM is in the mind and she exerts confident control at all times while being able to clearly enjoy herself and the situation.  I was pushed completely to my limits but with the paradoxical sense of feeling completely safe. 

If I had to describe Empress Akari in a few words....  Beautiful, intelligent, naturally dominant, fun, thoughtful, sadistic. What more could you want?


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