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Empress completely took over my brain!

So, wow, where do I start? My second experience with Empress Akari was truly amazing.

First of all, The Empress is insanely beautiful, it blows my mind how stunning Empress Akari is. For me personally, that automatically puts me in the most submissive mindset I could ever enter. When you see her beauty you just want to please Empress and then her voice sends you even deeper...

Upon entering Empress Akari's world, I was made to feel so welcome, but I also knew why I was there and nothing but my best would be good enough for Empress.

I personally struggle with body confidence, but when I was upstairs getting undressed, I knew I was going to come down naked for her. What really surprised me, was the fact I felt so relaxed about it. Empress Akari has a very special way about her that makes you feel so relaxed, but oh my god, do not take that for granted as you will be very quickly put in your place by her. Empress Akari is not someone I personally would want to disappoint!

So as far as I was aware, I wasn't into too many kinks and I was worried I would be boring to session with, but Empress obviously had a sneaky suspicion I was into far more. I certainly discovered I was into a lot more that I first thought!

Empress Akari was extremely strict when it came to making sure her boots were clean and up to her standard. Empress was amazing and slowly introduced me into a lot more and I had so much fun. Empress completely took over my brain.

Empress Akari is truly a professional but it's not just a job to Empress there is so much passion and love for what she does. If you are someone who suffers with nerves and is scared, I was too, but please just don't waste anymore time! As soon as you step through her door, you will be so far under Empress' control, that all of your nerves are gone instantly.

I'm personally so happy to have met Empress Akari and can't wait to discover the real me serving her.

~ D

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