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An afterglow so intense it stayed with me for days...

The first thing that will hit you when you see Empress Akari is her extraordinary beauty. This can prove disconcerting, but it’s when she looks into your eyes that you know you are in the best kind of trouble.

I had arranged an online session with Empress Akari and had no idea really what to expect. Before the session I received a thorough questionnaire asking me to describe my fantasies and needs and what I wanted to achieve in the session. (This was a pleasant surprise as I have sessioned before with ProDommes who do little research and think they know what you want).

My requirements were for a thorough verbal and physical ‘roasting’ from Empress Akari. However I didn’t want it to feel ‘staged’ and wanted it to unfold in a conversational way. I knew this was quite a tricky ask and didn’t necessarily think she would hit the spot. I was proved wrong however as the session that followed exceeded all of my expectations.

The call came and I was confronted with a woman so beautiful and so utterly in control of the situation that I was immediately and utterly in sub space.

She proceeded to eviscerate me precisely in the way that I wanted/needed. Her understanding of my needs was incredible and I am still not convinced that she does not have access to the dark arts. I certainly feel as if she has put a spell on me. I had the kind of shuddering orgasm that left me drained and incredibly satisfied.

This was followed by the sweetest and most open minded aftercare session imaginable.

I was left with an afterglow so intense it stayed with me for days.

Empress Akari is a femme fatale, an artists muse and a dominatrix all rolled into one. However, she may use her magic to bewitch you and so you will definitely be back for more.

Empress Akari is a true professional with a unique understanding of the male psyche. Her experience and understanding are second to none.

~ Nigel

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