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Online sessions for those too far to serve...

Over the last year or so I have had to spend periods of two to three months at a time away in Europe. I was concerned these absences would lead to losing the connection I had developed with Empress Akari. Consequently, Empress suggested that as our previous phone session had worked so well, we should try a video session. Once abroad Empress emailed me a date and time and told me to have some household implements at hand - rubber bands, wooden spoon, cucumber, clothes pegs and hot Tabasco sauce plus the thong she had had me wear to lunch just before I left for Europe. I had wondered why she had told me to take the thong with me ! On the agreed date and time I was told to await Empresss' call naked, except for the thong, and on my knees just as if I were in Her dungeon. Empress was pleased I was ready and waiting as ordered and immediately humiliated me by insisting I show off my thong to Her. Empress then told me to take off my glasses and to slap my face, first with my left hand then with my right hand. Empress could see I was not slapping myself particularly hard and warned that if I were to be granted a reward I would have to do much better. Empress then ordered me to start again and continue until She was satisfied. Empress had me attach clothes pegs to the edge of my nipples to ensure they hurt. With various implements and Empress' wicked mind, She had me do things to myself I could never have even dreamt of! With the video Empress could see how much pain I was in or not and had me adjust until She was happy the treatment was sufficient. Empress smiled and congratulated me for suffering for Her. Empress was happy with my efforts and said that if I gave the cucumber a good blow job She would reward me. As usual with Empress nothing is that simple - She verbally humiliated me, telling me how exactly She wanted me to suck that cucumber and as I seemed to be enjoying it so much She suggested She would arrange for a real cock for me. Finally Empress said I deserved to cum! I was very aroused by now from all the play plus Empress is an incredibly beautiful and attractive woman. Then Empress crushed my hopes and said I had to wait until the next day. She would text me when I could cum but I had to apply the Tabasco sauce first to my balls. She also wanted a recording of my suffering.

Next day Empress texted me as promised - the Tabasco sauce was truly agony, I suffered for 20 minutes using endless ice cubes to cool off my balls! Over the last year we have sessioned by video a few times and my box of toys has grown each time. Can you imagine the humiliation of using a butt plug on yourself as Empress looks on? I was also surprised at how easily Empress was able to make me hurt myself for Her. Empress Akari's professionalism, thorough preparation and Her wicked mind ensured the sessions were enjoyable, painful and humiliating. More importantly they permitted me to maintain my personal contact with Empress during my absence abroad.

Although video sessions can never match the intensity of being in Empress' dungeon they are incredibly effective if you are prepared to let go and get into the swing of things.

submissive O

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