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I started seeing Empress Akari about 18 months ago as a very inexperienced person who could not accept who he was and suppressed my feelings. She immediately put me at my ease and talked to me before the session about my areas of interest. I had only been to a few massage parlors where one person introduced me to needle play, all of this seemed a huge step. When I first went into the room I nearly panicked, I mean I'm not into domination am I? I just want a few needles...

Image by HeungSoon

Once She entered the room, Empress immediately put me at my ease and slowly led me through the session. I believe that even at that early stage She understood the path that I needed to follow but She took Her time and over the next few sessions She introduced me slowly to a wide variety of things. Slowly She introduced me to the joys of a light spanking and eased my fears of being marked by covering me up. She moved slowly through paddles and whips up to a cane which scared me. What was I slowly becoming? This isn't me, I kept thinking.

However, the joy that I felt the first time whips and a cane were used on me without any cover is a moment I will never forget. She is always so encouraging and understands me better than I know myself. I see Her every few weeks and wish it could be even more often, I still love the sessions involving needles and always give me a sense of nervous anticipation every time I travel to meet Her. I trust Her implicitly, but know that She will continue to push my boundaries and this is what I crave.

I truly believe that She cares about me in ways that I can't even understand and wish that I had met Her years ago, She is an amazing Domme who has changed me so much for the better, not just during sessions, but also in my every day life.

If you are considered a visit then just do it, it is a decision that you will never regret.


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