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The perfect session

I became aware of Empress Akari via Twitter. I then discovered Her fantastic website, the most informative and professional I have experienced in the industry. I immediately knew that if we agreed any arrangements they would proceed to completion without complication - and they did. All contact I have had with Empress has been swift, professional and effective. I completed Empress’ form requesting details of what I desired, and I happily provided the deposit. I was proved correct in my belief that my deposit was risk free, and I am cautious having had deposits stolen by others in the community.

The level of detail that Empress requested gave me great confidence that I was going to enjoy a highly bespoke session. Empress provided everything on my wish list that I was most keen to experience, knowing (and I really don’t know how) what my top preferences were (I did not rank them). I have had the pleasure of witnessing the impressive intuition of a few service providers, but Empress really stood out in knowing exactly what I desired, and how far I wished my soft limits to be pushed. Empress did not cross a hard limit, and I never had to express concern via the pre-agreed traffic light system.

I was offered a refreshment. I showered before and after the session, and that time was not taken from the hour I booked. Such generosity is always greatly appreciated. Empress was wearing a gorgeous black leather dress and black stilettos. Empress is stunningly beautiful: She is incredibly pretty; has a slim, supremely feminine figure; has a sublime voice that makes me melt; and has the softest, smoothest skin.

The following are the activities Empress was kind enough to expertly provide / allow (in alphabetical order):

Bull whipping


Face slapping

Foot worship

Human furniture




Wand edging / denial

The venue was discrete, clean and well maintained. It was very easy to find and to drive to, not being far from the M5 motorway. There was safe and spacious onsite parking. Empress has an impressive plethora of equipment, and displayed great competence and experience using it.

I am extremely grateful to Empress for providing the perfect session. I have a great obsession with micro-detail organisation and Empress satisfied that need entirely. Like most people, I like to believe I have had value for money, and I certainly believe that to be the case on this occasion. Empress exceeded my hopes and expectations; I am unable to imagine how the session could have been better. I highly recommend Empress Akari to anyone seeking any of the services listed on Her excellent website.

~ T

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