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The most fun you'll ever have...

Sometimes, the best experiences are those that catch you unawares, jumping in at the deep end can certainly put you on the right path for it though.

- The Empress

I had the wonderful pleasure of a second session with the talented & beautiful Empress Akari recently. I suggested us hiring a dungeon for the session and she was kind enough to accept, and what a memorable session it was!

I emailed her an outline of what I was looking for in the session, which was a mix of animal role-play, some punishment and worshipping. Empress made the session more fun than I had expected it to be.

She also introduced me to some tickling which was probably the most fun that I've ever had during a session!

Empress Akari is a natural Domme and a sadist, a very talented dominatrix and for such a petite female she certainly knows how to punish a man and make him beg. Also she has a talent for making you feel at ease with her, very approachable beforehand to discuss your fetish likes and what makes you tick.

I can't say enough good things about the Empress, an absolute pleasure to session with!'

Sub D

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