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More than a Domme

The more you give, the more you shall receive -

Empress Akari

It's hard to put into words how special it is to know and session with Empress Akari.

I was so nervous before meeting her for our first session but all that disappeared within seconds of meeting her. Our initial conversation settled me so much and the session was perfect, as they always are.

I was so raw and inexperienced with a tonne of enthusiasm. She was so good at understanding me and doing things at my pace while still pushing me to my limit. It really was the most eye opening experience.

Empress Akari makes me feel good about my submission, that I can be and do more than I ever thought possible and in total honesty I've grown with her beyond anything I could have ever imagined. Grown in my role as a sub but grown in my life as well and still growing under her guidance.

It's so much more than just sessions with Empress Akari, more than just dominance. I wasn't looking to be an owned sub when I first messaged her but it became everything to me after only one session. She's opened the door for me into submission and believes in me and makes me want to do my utmost to repay that faith.

You mean so much to me Empress and for me you are so much more than a Domme. I hope reading this makes you smile, as you make me, daily.

Thank you Empress


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