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Poetry in motion

Updated: May 19, 2019

When simple words are not enough, a poem shall suffice.

- The Empress

Pretty much in awe from the moment you opened the door

Minutes later I was waiting nervously knelt and eyes on the floor

You arrived with a slap that I’ll never forget

I knew I was yours as soon as eyes met

You used me as you saw fit and in a way that would please

Always locked down, spread out, or on my knees

My respect and fear was so very real

With your look and tone so able to kill

Happy to serve and endure to see that smile on your face

But also unable to resist as you made my heart race

How it all happened is hard to tell

But maybe to do with you in control without even needing to yell

Such a short time for you to establish that hold

An eternity when you command now I’ll know I’ll just fold

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