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On a high

Updated: May 19, 2019

Nerves don't break a person, it creates fear and anxiety, both of which are a necessary part of a session. There is however a time and place for that and I will command when.

- The Empress

'Being relatively new to the submissive world and having a nervous personality, I eventually worked up the courage to contact Empress Akari and asked to organise a session. From the very start the Empress was very informative and professional and made me feel at ease. Explaining things very carefully in order to ease my nerves before the session helped me to understand what I was heading into, this kept me nice and relaxed.

Arriving for my first session I was extremely nervous, however on meeting Empress Akari and discussing the session, I soon realised I was in safe hands. Soon, I became more confident and began to really enjoy the time I got to spend with the Empress.

From the very start of the session I was aware that the Empress had a plan and very much new what she had in store for me. Empress took her time at the start of my very first session explaining each step for me to relax and checking in on me as we went. I felt that the Empress had full control of me at all times.

After the session had finished and I had left I was on a high, this had been something I had wanted to do for a long time and the Empress had made that dream come true. All I could think of post session was booking my next session with the Empress.

Thank you Empress Akari.'

sub TK

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