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Experience of a watching couple

As a M/F couple we were both curious about what a session with a professional Dominant would look like, and wondered if there might be a dominant who would allow us to watch a session. We approached Empress Akari to see if it was something she would be able to accommodate, which she indicated it was.

Both of us were slightly nervous having never undertaken anything like this before. However, we were put at our ease straight away by the approach Empress Akari took - she spent time establishing what exactly we were looking for, what we hoped to get from the experience, and what we would be comfortable with. Her questions were insightful and all of our interactions were reassuringly professional.

With a definite idea of what we were interested in, Empress selected a suitable sub and we arranged a session. Again, we were both somewhat nervous on the day, but from the moment of our arrival we were put at our ease; her approach was courteous, supportive and comprehensive. She took the time to explain exactly what sort of things we would be watching, and made clear that if we were uncomfortable we could withdraw, what the boundaries were and so on.

In the event, the session was exactly what we had been interested to see. Both of us enjoyed it hugely, and (perhaps unexpectedly) found the experience surprisingly moving. When the session was over, once again the Empress was solicitous in terms of her approach, giving us advice on how to "come down" from the experience.

For anyone else interested in such an experience, whether just for the experience or perhaps as a taster before booking a session of their own - we would absolutely recommend doing so. The professionalism and assistance that Empress Akari offered us transformed what could have been an odd and uncomfortable experience into something very special.


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