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From one submissive to another

If you’re reading this and on the fence about whether to go and see Empress Akari as I was, my advice is, definitely do it, it was so, so much better than I was expecting. She is truly exceptional.

I had previously been to see two mistresses about eight and five years ago, that although fulfilled the physical aspects of my kink (ballbusting), didn’t satisfy the psychological aspects really. I didn’t realise this at the time, because until I met Empress I had no idea how important this was, but just overall felt like I wasn’t into the whole experience, leading me to pretty much giving up on professional BDSM and very nearly not going to see Her. I’m so glad I decided to give it a try.

Empress Akari totally blew me away. First of all she’s devastatingly beautiful, which I’m very much into coming from my kink-point (I realise not everybody is, so to make it easy for you, if you’re looking for tall, fat or old maybe steer clear).

She’s funny, empathetic, polite, courteous, has the kind of well spoken accent that will make you melt, and clearly very intelligent. What’s more, she’s kind. Or she may have just been acting kind because when she asked me, I told her that’s what I was into, which would be even more impressive if so.

Given that we played a bit with some role plays I wouldn’t at all be surprised if she could transform into an absolutely sadistic nightmare if you wanted her to, I just didn’t.

I asked her for playful and kind, and that’s exactly what I got. Speaking of which, what really set her apart, was the amount of effort she put in to finding out about my kink from me, and what I was looking for, from the session and her.

I was so impressed by this level of professionalism, and without exaggeration this put her in an entirely different league to the other two mistresses I’d seen many moons before, and will see me return to her very soon.

Yours humbly,


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