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Adored and feared.

I have had the honour of meeting Empress Akari several times now . Each meeting different but all progressive in terms of my development and understanding of how I may serve . The Empress is very clear about what She likes and does not like . The communication is regular , timely and instructive . Her website and blog are more than insightful as to what to expect and how to behave .

The Empress is physically stunning and intellectually superior. I am on a journey and I believe She knows what I need and want better than I do, yet She gives me space to grow and communicate at appropriate times. I have much to learn and I want to build a trust with the Empress .

My experience to date with Empress Akari cannot be compared to any other Mistress , She is authentic, caring, cruel, controlling and most of all always to be obeyed. I wish I had met Empress years ago but now I have seen Her beauty and had the benefit of Her wisdom I will never forget the things she has already taught me. I am excited to have had the opportunity to be a sub to the Empress and not sure how things will unfold.

I already adore Her and fear Her at the same time .

Slave 7

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