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Utter humiliation

Updated: May 19, 2019

Once I know what makes you tick, I will exploit it.

- The Empress

Dear Empress,

Thank you for such a wonderful session last week, when I served you alongside Your sub Silvia. The session started with me naked and vulnerable, worshipping at your feet alongside the beautiful Silvia.

I was further humiliated and shamed by your disgust at my hairy balls and body.

I do apologise. I was strapped, naked but for some frilly panties, to a board when I was gently tortured with Silvia practicing with her pinwheel.

Silvia and I were then tied together and Empress Akari tried to train us to control our orgasms through edging training. Unsurprisingly, given the beauty of the women I was with, I could not last for long and ejaculated while The Empress laughed at me and my tiny cock. I was just glad that I managed to please her then after I had caused such disappointment with my body hair.

Thank you very much Empress.

Best wishes,

castle slave x

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