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The journey of true training

Updated: May 19, 2019

My slave N has been subjected to tasks in accordance with his training, a journey is one that at times, seems never ending...

- The Empress

'I have known the Empress Akari since 2014. The unique experience I have had with her so far can not be described in words.

The Empress is very adept in reading the sub's mind and she is very well aware that I have to be properly trained to meet her strict standards.

Serving the Empress is indeed very challenging as her expectations are very high. As a result, I was ordered to have a joint session with a sub girl, Silvia, to learn from her. The details on what exactly happened in the session remain between us, but let me put it this way, we had one purpose in common: to serve our Empress in accordance with her standards and understanding the fact that we must give up control and please the Empress Akari.'

Slave N

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