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I am a novice, what do I do?

We all have to start somewhere. Many of Us love meeting novices as it can be very refreshing. However, there are definitely some tips and pointers that are important for a novice.

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So, here are some tips:

- Do your research, does the Domme offer the kink/fetish that you are seeking? If it does not show on Her site, email Her politely to ask.

- Research your kink/fetish, so that when you do eventually approach a Domme, you know more or less what you're getting into. Obviously, if you have a lot of questions, try to research them yourself without having to bombard Her with multiple questions. Often as not, this information may already be written on Her site.

- When first approaching your chosen Domme, do so respectfully. First impressions are very important and you want to get this one right! Be respectful, honest, polite and communicative. However do not write to Her about your life story. Once you get to know each other, that should naturally unfold.

- Many subs are what are referred to as 'timewasters'. Do not fall into this category. Offer Her a deposit to show that you are genuine. This is normally in the form of an app or Bank transfer. Some may offer other payment methods.

- When approaching the big day, ask Her how you should prepare, if this hasn't already been discussed.

- Finally, always turn up on time (not tardy or early). If you are unable to do so, give Her as much prior warning as possible with an explanation and the time that you will arrive.

~ Empress Akari

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