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How to avoid being a timewaster

Timewasters are not a type of person you should wish to become! I can understand that at times, you are unable to come to your session, for whatever reason. However, in this industry, it is so widely prevelant that it is a nuisance.

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How to avoid this:

- Communicate with us. If you are unable to come to session for whatever reason, let us know. Do not just not show up, do not give us excuses, we hear them all of the time. Be respectful, apologetic, but above all, be honest. Keep in mind, that depending upon when you cancel, you may not receive your deposit back.

- If the thoughts of coming to see a Domme is so overwhelming that you don't turn up. This is a big no no. Do not just not turn up, it is so very rude and a huge waste of Our time, deposit paid or not. Be respectful and be honest with Her. If you're anxious and this has become so powerfully overwhelming that you fear you do not have to courage to come, communicate with Us, let Us know! For the most part, We are understanding and will appreciate your honesty.

Not turning up and how to get back into our good books:

- Send Us a tribute with a genuine apology note and never do it again! However, be warned, most Dommes may not give second chances to a timewaster, so to be sure to adhere to the first two pieces of advice otherwise you will end up being cast into the 'timewaster' pile.

~ Empress Akari

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