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Embracing your 'dark side'

Everyone has a dark side, whether they like to admit it or not is a different story. I on the other hand embrace my dark side fully and accept and love the person that I am. This means all of my kinks, quirks and fetishes. But this does not mean it is necessarily an easy ride.

Image by Gentle07

Embracing your 'dark side', as I like to call it is key to enjoying your experiences when you submit to another, whether that's in a scene or as a lifestyle.

I have found with many people that the more you push those desires away, the more they come urging back. In the end, it is futile. That is why embracing your dark side is of paramount importance. Even if you are not quite ready to submit to another, whether that's online or otherwise, ask yourself, what is holding you back? I assume that it is mostly for the reasons above in the last few tabs as well as the idea that I am proposing here.

Acceptance is an integral part of happiness in everyday life. Without your own personal acceptance of yourself, you will be stuck for what may seem like a millennia. Learn to love and accept yourself for who you are, kinks and all. I know this is easier said than done and often as not, it is another who teaches you to love yourself.

Think about what acceptance means for you, how you may go about implementing it into your life. You're worthy of it, just like everyone else is.

~ Empress Akari

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