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My Journey To Being Empress Akari's submissive 

This is the story of my journey to finding true submission to Empress Akari. It is not something that I desired when I first met Her nor did it happen overnight but gradually over several years...

For many years I lived and worked in London and enjoyed many sessions with Mistresses. I never for a moment thought of myself as a submissive or of even being dominated. I just liked the feeling of someone indulging me with my love of kink. When I moved to the Bristol area several years ago I continued similar sessions with several Mistresses until the day I met Empress Akari.

Empress is incredibly attractive but what immediately struck me more was Her aura of natural dominance, confidence and superiority. So much so that I immediately explained that I had long wanted to experience something more than kink, to explore what the D/s dynamic was about.

Within the first two sessions Empress Akari had totally changed my behaviour. She gently but firmly explained that I was frequently topping from the bottom and that that was going to stop immediately, that She and only She was in charge during a session. Although I had absolutely no foot fetish Empress required me to show my respect by kneeling and kissing Her feet at the start and end of each session.

She listened to my objections but She also helped me understand why She desired it so and quietly said "I'm sure you will now understand why you will do this for Me."

I learnt in those first two sessions that Empress Akari is not only naturally dominant but someone who knows how to easily make one obey Her. No whips or canes , just Her dominant nature and some appropriate words mixed with Her natural charm!

I would say this was the first time someone had genuinely dominated me. It was a subtle feeling but I realised the unspoken message. Not only was Empress Akari the one in charge but from now on everything would be on Her terms or not at all.

I continued to session with Empress Akari and also some other Dommes for a couple of years, although I knew Empress was changing something within me, although I could not fully understand it at the time.

Then came the day I cancelled my session with Empress at short notice using a pretext that She knew immediately was a lie, breaking several of Her six codes of conduct. Boy, did I have to grovel and  beg hard to be allowed another chance to session with Her.

The next session Empress punished me. Not with pain,  just words of humiliation and disappointment in me and no rewards. Instead of kissing Her feet I licked clean the soles of Her shoes.

As I took my punishment without complaining I realised for the first time I had a submissive nature, that Empress Akari was the Domme I had unknowingly been seeking all my life. That day I accepted She was mentally stronger and superior to me.  It was my first step into submission to Empress Akari.

Empress uses session feedback not only to improve your future sessions but to get into your mind and to understand what makes you tick. So as our journey continued Empress knew only too well how to deepen my submission to Her. Though kink was still my main focus I found I wanted to get to know Empress Akari. So occasionally I would ask Her to lunch or give the occasional gift to show my appreciation of Her. As I got to know Empress better, I started to think of Her as my Dominant.

Then came my next mistake, a massive mistake. I'm still too embarrassed to give details but this time Empress's punishment of me was very severe, inflicting pain, as She explained my shortcomings, my errors, Her disappointment in me. She belittled me like no-one ever had before.

Over the next couple of weeks I reflected and became aware of why and how much my actions had upset and disappointed Her. Empress is a caring Domme who nurtures Her submissives. She had taught me to be the sub She wanted and through my selfishness I had gone and failed Her. I was mortified.

That was when I realised the extent of my dedication and devotion to Empress Akari, both personally and as my Dominant. Words cost nothing. It is one's actions which Empress notes. At the start of my next session I knelt before Empress, looked Her in the eyes, and humbly apologised for my error, along with a suitable gift of contrition. Regardless of how Empress then saw me, in my head I was becoming Her submissive, for real. 

As the weeks and months went by I came to appreciate every fibre of my being ached to serve Empress. I now long to worship Her amazing petite size 2 feet and find them so hot! Bondage is Her thing, now it's becoming my thing.

When Empress looks into my eyes as I am suffering for Her pleasure the feelings I have for Her are so intense. It's hard to describe them, adoration, love, a desire to give myself completely to Her. When our eyes lock there is a deep connection and I yearn so much to hear Her speak, to say "Now you are truly Mine".

Empress encourages and helps me to face my fears ( I am severely claustrophobic) so I try and do so. And because of the trust we share I do genuinely want to face my fears with Her. Now I am making unimaginable progress.

No-one has ever inspired me as Empress Akari does. She is truly an amazing, intelligent, caring person. As Her submissive I don't feel less of a person but rather because of Her a stronger, better person. After all You have to have inner strength to meet the expectations Empress has for her subs.

Empress does not force me to do anything. My submission is my unconditional gift to Her. In the same way I willingly submit to Her authority and control over me as my Dominant.

That's how I finally knew I was truly Empress Akari's submissive.

Empress Akari frequently says "Journey before destination ".  Here, for once I dare to disagee with Her! Our journey has no destination. It is an ongoing adventure of what truly being Her submissive means for both of us. How the deep trust we share will continue to take us to depths I could never have imagined possible several years ago when I first met the Amazing Empress Akari.

I feel truly privileged to have Empress in my life as my Dominant,  to have the honour of being Her submissive and in return to be a positive force in Her life.

~ M

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