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Humiliation in a parking lot

I had sessioned occasionally with the Empress Akari before Covid and being a machosist the sessions were essentially pain orientated. When Covid arrived Empress suggested we might try a 30 minute phone session of verbal humiliation as She had an inkling that I would respond well to such humiliation. Empress prepared for the session as She would for a real time session, asking me to mail Her what I thought I wanted to get from the session and some life experiences that I had found humiliating so She could better understand me.

We then agreed a date and time for the session call and because I have a partner Empress suggested I find a very secluded place to park my car when waiting for Her call.

Although I had previously only suffered pain for Empress humiliation was not my kink so as I sat in my car waiting for Empress to call I was quite apprehensive about what would happen. Empress is articulate, confident and totally professional. She called on time ,asked how I was feeling with a devilish giggle, then having ensured I was alone and secluded launched straight into verbally humiliating and dominating me. Within seconds She made me expose my penis and knowing I am not particularly well endowed subjected me to some sph to put me into submissive mode before She then went to town on me. I had always found verbal humiliation difficult for a Domme to achieve as it is so personal to each individual. I am not someone who gets off on being called names. Empress appreciated this and knew exactly how to press my buttons. Empress had done Her homework, She had got inside my head and even guessed at some kinky desires I had not had the courage to mention in my email. But the call was not just about listening to Empress humiliate me. She steered the call smoothly into a two way conversation as She made me talk, probing with embarrassing questions I had to answer truthfully ( She can spot a lie a mile off ) until eventually I was mumbling like an idiot, feeling so belittled by Her - yet that was exactly the point of the session and I so enjoyed it !! Empress teased and toyed with me , threatening to make such kinky, humiliating things happen to me for real - one day ! And with Empress Akari I never know what will happen to me each time I serve Her. Empress finished the session with some after care, how I felt about being humiliated by Her, general chat about how we were both coping with the Covid lock down and when I might be able to next serve Her in person. With what She had learnt of my 'hidden' kinks I looked forward to our next physical session and I was not disappointed. Empress is a caring Domme and used what She had learnt about me to enhance our sessions which are now so much more than just suffering pain for Her. Although Empress Akari and I had previously sessioned together I can recommend online/ phone sessions with Her as an ideal way to get to know Empress ,to serve Her from afar and to explore Her very special world of kink before stepping into Her dungeon - after which you will be Hers !!

~ submissive M

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